Monday, August 23, 2010

"Barn Below Wdekind Road in Reno"

"Barn in Oakley"

"Beach Baby"

"Bear Lake"

"Behind Mount Nebo"

"Blackbirds on Bull Rushes"

"Box Elder trail"

"Buffalo Seer"

"Buffalo Soldier"

"Calvin Fletcher"

"Calvin Fletcher on Lower USU Campus"

"Cedar Valley"

"Margaret Thompson" nfs

"Crystal Bay"

"Elijah and the Priests of Baal"

"Dancers" nfs

"Factory in Beaver"

"Fall in Brigham City"

"Falls in Oregon"

"Fishing at Mill Hollow"

"Lower Francis"

"Gideon and King Noah"

"Goats in Elberta"

"Going Forth to Preach yhe Gospel"

"Heber Valley Autumn"

"Grand Canyon Shadows"

"Heber Valley Pond"

"Horses in Riverton"

"I Love My Brother"

"Ice Skating in Central Park"


"Junction City Farm"

"Logan Seventh Ward Chapel"

"Logan Temple"

"Lower Bluffdale"


"Maple Lake"

"Marshall Home in Mantua" nfs

"Mill Hollow Road"

"Morning Camp at Smith Morehouse"

"Morning Gathering:

"Morning on the Lake"

"Mount Nebo from Mona"

"Mount Timpanogas Temple"

"Mountains Majesty"

"My Nine-Tenths"

"Old Hoouse in Payson""

"Old Juniper in Grand Canyon"

"Old Main in 1955"

"Old Tree in Fairfield"

"On the Beach"


"Oregon Farm"

"Pauson Lake"

"Pool in the Cliffs"

"Poplars" nfs

"Preparing the Seed"

"Queen's Bathing Pool at Palenque"

"Racing the Storm"

"Raising The Lamb"

"Red Barn in Woodland"

"Rexburg Temple"

"San Rafael Swell"

"Santiquiin Canyon Bear Crossing"

"Scratchi ng Post"

"Scripture Study"

"Second Dam in Logan Canyon"

"Secret Garden at Thanksgiving Point"


"Smith-Morehouse Shoreline"

"Snow Day"

"Spring Planting"


"Steal the Bacon"

"Storm Over Ben Lomond"

"Tony Grove"

"Approaching Manti"

"Toward Vernal"

"Waiting at the Bus Stop"

"Waiting in Carthage Jail"

"Wasatch Back"

"Wash Day in Tremonton"

"Water Hole"

"Weiser Memories"

"Wellsville Pond"

"Wellsville Range from fielding"

"Wheeler Peak Campground"

"Wildflowers in American Fork Canyon"

"Wilson's Barn in Eden"

"Winter Day at Spring Lake"

"Zions Park"

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  1. Wow. These are so beautiful! I did not know that Uncle Joseph had done so many paintings. What a treat to see all of these.