Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My wife and I spent 18 months in Leeds, England.  We visited many interesting sites in Yorkshire and around London.  I did most of these paintings while I was there.

This is a pen and ink Christmas Card I did while ther.

"Alnwick Rose Garden"  Oil

"Boy and Brolly"  WC

"Boy in Haworth" WC

"Bridge at Burnsall" WC

"Christmas Cactus"  WC

" House in Dent"  WC nfs

"Derelect in Horsforth"  Pencil

"Devonshire Estat at Blton" WC

"Dozing in Downtown Leeds" WC

" The Shambles in York"  WC

"Eaym"  WC

"Family Walking in the Rain"  WC

"Farm Near Ilkley"  WC

"Farm Near Horsforth"  WC

"Fountains Abbey" WC

"Girl in Haworth"  WC

"Gnarly Tree in Middleton Wood"  WC

"Church in Haworth"  WC

"Heber C. Kimball Preaching in Downham"  Acrylic

 "Storm in Horsforth" WC

"Krkstall Abbey"  WC nfs

"Knaresborough Bridge" Oil nfs

"Pld Woman in the Rain"  Pen & Ink

"Lady in Yellow"  WC

"Middleham Bridge Over the River Ure" WC

"LDS Mission Home in Horsforth" WC

"Near Keigthley" WC

"Gentlman Taking Tea"  WC

"Old Man at Leeds Market" WC

"Horsforth Shopper" WC

"River Wharf & Bolton Abbey" WC

"Sheep Near Hadrian's Wall"  Oil

"Shopped Out in York"  Pen & Ink

"Skipton Castle" WC

"Stairway in Haworth"  WC

"Grssington"  WC

"Swans on Lake Windemeir"  WC nfs

"Taking a Break In Horsforth" WC

"The Strid at Bolton"  WC

"Tree at River Wharf"  WC

"Tree House in Horsforth"  WC

View From Hawkworth Lane"  WC

"Riverf Wharfe Walk"  Oil

"Wharfe River in Burnsall"  WC

Woman and Cat"  WC

"Yorkshire Dales Near Barden" WC

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